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Property buyer's guide in Dubai

As a world-class business hub offering perfect luxury and all-year-round sunshine, Dubai is fast becoming a popular destination for expats or those seeking a different lifestyle on the Arabian Peninsula.

Take a look at our 10-step guide for buying a new home in Dubai, packed with valuable advice from our local property professionals. 

Step 1: Organise Your Finances

Set a budget for your new home and consider all the associated charges, such as a 2% agency commission fee and a 4% transfer fee payable to the Dubai Land Department.

A minimum deposit of 25% is also required for properties financed with a mortgage. The interest rate is usually at around 3-8%, depending on the type of mortgage you choose. It is also worth noting that local rates will change according to any changes made by the US Federal Reserve as the UAE Dirham is pegged to the US dollar.

Step 2: Check Your Mortgage Eligibility

Check your eligibility with a mortgage advisor if you want to finance your property through a bank. The advisor can also recommend suitable mortgage products and provide pre-approval so you can secure your offer more quickly. 

Step 3: Consider Your Property Location

Homebuyers are spoiled for choices in Dubai, and it’s no secret that a great location is essential for protecting the value of your home. Our comprehensive area guides are an excellent place to start your research, or contact our Sales Specialists for a personalised discussion to help you determine the best location for your lifestyle needs.

Step 4: Consider Your Key Criteria

Decide what type of features or facilities matter to you the most (e.g., number of bedrooms, concierge service), so you can streamline your online search and property viewings.

Step 5: Hire a RERA Qualified Broker

A licensed and qualified real estate broker in Dubai can represent you in negotiating contracts and handling transactions effectively. Contact one of our RERA qualified property brokers to secure your dream home.

Step 6: Make Your Offer

Once you have found your dream property, put in an offer through your broker, who will do their best to secure the offer agreed with the seller.

Step 7: Secure Your Offer

If your offer is accepted, you will enter into a legally binding agreement with the seller called Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which outlines all the details and terms of the purchase.

You will need to provide a copy of your passport to the broker, a 10% deposit to the property agency (never directly to the seller), and a PDC in the name of the broker’s company for the commission. 

Step 8: Review the Sales Agreement

Thoroughly review the Sales Agreement and make sure you understand and agree with all the terms and conditions of this legally binding document.

Step 9: Apply for the No Objection Certificate

Your broker will apply for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer to ensure the property has been fully paid for and is free from any outstanding charges or maintenance fees. This can take up to seven working days.

Step 10: Complete Your Purchase

Visit the Dubai Land Department to complete the transfer of property ownership to your name, officially register the sale, and obtain your new Title Deed. You are also responsible for paying a transfer fee (4% of the purchase price) and an administration fee not in excess of AED 4,000. 

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